Please avoid
Cheese spread - also known as...
Spreadable cheese, Processed cheese
Don't many sites say that cheese spread is safe to eat during pregnancy?

Although cheese spread contains certain amounts of protein and vitamins, the level of saturated fat and sodium destroys any nutritional value it has. This is because cheese spread is a processed product. Anything processed is harmful as such foods contains an excess of emulsifiers, sodium, food coloring agents, preservatives and added sugar. An inexpensive substitute to original cheese and its varieties, all the unnatural components of cheese spread can increase the chances of pregnancy associated risks greatly. For instance, an excess of sodium can disrupt the fluid balance in the body and increase blood pressure, and you definitely don’t want that to happen during such a delicate time. Also, the added sugar can cause conditions like gestational diabetes. Hence, it is best to away from processed cheese spread for a while and resume eating it after pregnancy.

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