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Braunschweiger sausage - also known as...
Liver sausage, Raw minced pork sausage, Braunschweiger Wurst, Mettwurst, Brühwurst, Liver pate sausage
I really have a craving for Braunschweiger sausage. Are you sure pregnant women shouldn't eat it?

We are absolutely sure! Braunschweiger sausages are ususally made from pork or beef liver. They contain high amounts of saturated fats, sodium, and Vitamin A. While Vitamin A is a good nutrient when had in moderation, Braunschweiger sausages contain too much Vitamin A, which causes birth defects in babies. In fact, one ounce of Braunschweiger sausages contains more Vitamin A than what is recommended daily. Excessive sodium content in Braunschweiger sausages may also lead to high blood pressure, and you definitely don’t what that to happen during your pregnancy! These sausages also have a high chance of housing bacteria such as listeria that can cause listeriosis, an infection that increases the chances of miscarriages and stillbirth.

May contain harmful elements like...
  • Listeria Bacteria

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