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Yambean - also known as...
Jicama, Yam bean
How will having yambean help me during pregnancy?

Yambean, or simply yam, is rich in calcium and phosphorus which supports the growth of the fetus and creates a good foundation for strengthening the bones and teeth for the growing baby. Therefore, pregnant women who eat yam tend not to suffer from osteoporosis and dental disorders. Yambean also reduces the risk of dehydration in pregnant women. It also contains fiber which prevents constipation and diarrhea. Yambean contains Vitamin C, which is useful in maintaining healthy teeth, bones, and skin as well as in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood of expecting mothers. It is also rich in iron, which helps in producing red blood cells and preventing anemia. Yambean also helps in preventing excessive stomach acid production. The fiber present in yambean lowers blood sugar levels. Yambean is also safe to eat for pregnant women with symptoms of diabetes, high cholesterol, ulcers, etc. Additionally, for any postpartum mother, yambean is able to reduce the pain of childbirth, and can increase milk production.

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