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Is it safe to have Doritos during pregnancy?


Are baked tortilla chips healthier than their fried counterparts?


Doritos - also known as 

Flavoured Tortilla Chips
Limits during pregnancy
1 small pack occasionally

The word Dorito originated from the Spanish word Doradito, meaning little fried golden things. And they are literally magic triangles. Crispy, golden, flavourful bliss. If you are pregnant and are craving to dig into this crispy deliciousness, go ahead and indulge your taste buds. But don’t make it a habit. While it’s okay to have an occasional serving of Doritos or flavoured tortilla chips, there are other healthy and tasty options out there that won’t increase your sodium levels or cholesterol. Also, like all processed food Doritos contain trans fats that contributes to unhealthy weight gain in pregnancy. While baked chips may be slightly better than fried ones, they are still high calorie low nutrition junk food. And at this time of life, you and your baby are what you eat. You don’t want to replace healthy nutrient rich food with zero nutrition high calorie food that can affect your foetus’ growth and birth weight.

An ideal pregnancy diet should include plenty of fruits, vegetables and other nutrient rich foods to help your baby grow. Keep healthy snack options at hand so that when the food cravings arise, and arise they will, you have a healthy and tasty comeback ready for them.




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