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Is it safe to have Creme Brulee during pregnancy?

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I am craving desserts. Is it safe to eat baked custards such as Creme Brulee during pregnancy?

Creme Brulee - also known as 

Creme custard, Leche flan, Creme caramel, Creme catalan
Checks before eating
Make sure custard is not runny in middle. When cooking, heat at over 150C over 30 minutes
Creme custard

Creme Brulee is a baked custard typically made with eggs, cream and vanilla and topped with a crusty caramelized sugar coating. Now since it is baked form of custard, this means that the dairy and eggs in the custard are cooked at high temperatures long enough to make them for pregnant women.


Just make sure the Creme Brulee is not runny in the middle to ensure it was cooked properly. Creamy texture still means it is cooked, but not runny. If you are making it at home, just make sure to cook it at at least 150 C for over 30 minutes to ensure the eggs in it are sufficiently cooked.

Other variants of baked custard such as Cream Caramel (with runny caramel topping over baked custard) and Leche flan (similar to Creme Brulee but with condensed milk) are all considered safe during pregnancy as long as they are cooked sufficiently, meaning the custard part is not runny.

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Good source of
Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Protein, Fats
May contain harmful elements like...
Excessive sugar and fats

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