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Is it safe to have Bubble Tea during pregnancy?

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Is bubble tea safe for pregnant women?

Bubble Tea - also known as 

Boba tea, Pearl Tea, Tapioca Pearls

Bubble tea is a tea based drink with its origin in Taiwan, but is now popular across the world and comes in many flavors. It is prepared by combining tea with milk, ice and tapioca pearls along with some flavoring. Individually all key ingredients – tea, milk and tapioca pearls are considered safe for pregnant women.

Is bubble tea safe for pregnant women?
Tapioca pearls – Taiwanese market

While teas are generally considered healthy for pregnant women, bubble tea is not such a healthy alternative due to its high sugar and fat content as well as due to the inclusion of artificial color or flavoring that may be harmful.


Therefore, try to minimize the consumption of bubble tea during pregnancy. If you’ve had it occasionally while pregnant, there is no reason to worry as it is likely safe.

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Good source of
Carbohydrates, calcium, protein
May contain harmful elements like...
Bacteria or mold

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