Is it safe to have Goji berry during pregnancy?

Yes, with caution

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Is it okay to munch on goji berries while I am pregnant?

Goji berry - also known as 

wolfberries, chinese wolfberries, barbary matrimony vine, mede berry, murali
Limits during pregnancy
5-10 per day

Yes, it is alright to have goji berries but in moderation. The antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties of goji berries provide many benefits to a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. It helps in alleviating the symptoms of morning sickness and boosts hemoglobin. It also helps in the proper prenatal development of the fetus.

However, these delicious berries also pose serious side effects. It contains a substance called beatin which can promote miscarriage and induce menstruation. Other elements such as selenium and vitamin A found in these berries if taken in excess can lead to harmful birth defects of the baby. It should also be noted that if you are pregnant and have high blood pressure or are on anticoagulant therapy then it is substantial that you avoid this fruit.

As there is not much scientific data or study on whether goji berries are safe in pregnancy or not, it is best to take them with caution. Preferably only 1-2 per day.

Good source of
vit A, vit C, iron, sugar
May contain harmful elements like...
Beatin, vit A, Selenium

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