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Is it safe to have Maple syrup during pregnancy?

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Maple syrup is just sweetened water, is it ok to use it during pregnancy?

Maple syrup - also known as 

sweetener, pancake syrup

It is fine to eat authentic maple syrup because it is a natural sweetener and made by boiling the syrup to high degrees of temperature. This process kills bacteria and makes the syrup harmless. The only thing to look out for is to limit the sugar content. It is advisable to only use maple syrup as a substitute for other sweeteners. Make sure that you balance your sugar intake to avoid unhealthy weight gain.

Moving on to proper storage techniques for maple syrup, the unopened bottle can be kept in a cool dry place. However, according to standard guidelines, once the bottle is opened it should be tightly closed and stored in a deep freezer to avoid the growth of any mold or contamination by microorganisms.

Good source of
protein, salt, zinc, vitb12, phosphorous
May contain harmful elements like...
toxoplasma, salt

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