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Is it safe to have Camembert during pregnancy?

Why should I avoid Camembert during pregnancy

Camembert - also known as...

Camembert Cheese, Hermelín, Encián, Cornish Camembert, Plesnivec,

Why should I avoid Camembert during pregnancy?

Camembert is a soft and creamy cheese that is obtained from cow milk. Since it is a mould-ripened cheese, it can be a host to the listeria bacteria. Pregnant women must stay away from eating camembert, as listeria causes an infection known as listeriosis that can lead to serious complications like miscarriage, premature birth and even stillbirth during pregnancy. It can also lead to the development of birth defects in the baby. Pregnant women must consciously avoid eating camembert during their pregnancy and wait to eat it post pregnancy to eliminate any chance of risk to the baby. In fact, hard cheese like cheddar and feta are a good substitue for it.

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