Is it safe to have Gelato Ice Cream during pregnancy?

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Is Gelato healthier than ice cream?

Gelato Ice Cream - also known as 

Ice cream
Checks before eating
Ensure that the Gelato is made from pasteurised milk
Limits during pregnancy
Occasional small serving

Yes, while the basic ingredients of both gelato and ice cream are the same, ie. water, sugar and fat (in the form of milk or cream) the method in which they are each made makes all the difference. Gelato contains more milk than cream, therefore when compared to ice cream it has less fat. To make gelato the mix is churned at a much slower pace than ice cream, not allowing air to enter the mix. This makes the gelato denser and its taste more intense. It’s dense texture also means that you feel satiated with a smaller serving of gelato whereas a whole pint of ice cream is required to feel the same.

So indulging your sweet tooth with an occasional small serving of gelato will not just bring a smile on your face and possibly your baby’s too, it will offer you the goodness of calcium, essential vitamins, and a high amount of protein with very few calories.

Also, Gelato is considered safe to consume during pregnancy as it is made from pasteurised milk and then frozen, thereby eliminating the risk of listeria.

Health | WhyGelato

Good source of
calcium, essential vitamins, a high amount of protein

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