Can you train yourself to like foods you hate


Everyone talks about fussy eaters when it comes to toddlers. But what about adults? We all know that friend who is always too picky with what they order at restaurants and those who like to give additional instructions to remove and add ingredients in their dish. If you don’t know any such friend, it could be you.

Are you are fussy eater, who is now pregnant and wondering if you can expand your palette to make way for more healthy as well as varied food for your baby, turns out you can.


How easy or difficult it will be for you to develop likeness to new foods depends on many factors, including surprisingly your ethnicity, your gender and your age.

Another factor affecting your ability to adapt to new flavors is whether or not you are a “super taster”, meaning you have more taste buds than average humans. These extra taste buds enhance your sense of taste, making you experience unpleasant flavors more pronounced than others.

Read more about training your taste buds in this BBC UK article.

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