Is it safe to have French Fries during pregnancy?

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Are home made French fries healthier during pregnancy?

French Fries - also known as 

Potato Chips, Finger Chips, Potato Wedges
Limits during pregnancy
an occasional small serving

French fries, those plump crispy golden sticks are fun to order and delicious to binge on. But if you are an expecting mom, pause and think. While enjoying fries once in a blue moon is totally permissible and will not harm you or the baby, regularly snacking on them can mean many health hazards for you and the baby.

A potato in itself is full of carbohydrates and other essential nutrients. But as soon as it’s dipped in corn starch and deep fried, it ceases to be healthy. For starters it contains high amounts of sodium and trans fats that causes blood pressure and cholesterol levels to rise, increasing the risk of preeclampsia in an expecting mother. It also has high levels of acrylamide that causes low birth weight in babies and a smaller head circumference. Zero nutrition and high calories in French fries – whether from a fast food chain or homemade, increases the risk of sleep apnea, gestational diabetes, preterm labour as well as the risk of birth defects, miscarriage and stillbirth. It also causes gas, bloating and indigestion.

While pregnancy does not mean giving up all your favourite foods , it does mean being mindful of the calories and nutrients you consume. Just make sure that your diet includes foods from different food groups and is rich in nutrients to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy.

May contain harmful elements like...
Trans fats, Acrylamide

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