Is it safe to have Cream during pregnancy?

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Can I continue having desserts made with fresh cream during pregnancy?

Cream - also known as 

Fresh cream, milk cream
Are there any nutritional benefits of having sour cream during pregnancy

Yes, there is no harm in having some fresh cream while you are expecting. Fresh cream has innumerable uses during cooking and is used to add taste and flavor to many dishes. A lot of pregnant women crave for fresh cream cakes and other desserts during pregnancy. And, ocassional indulgence is quite harmless. But, make sure the cream used is sourced from pasteurized milk only. Most fresh cream packets available in departmental stores are made with pasteurized milk. Having fresh cream made from unpasteurized milk can lead to listeriosis that might be dangerous for the foetus. Hence, make sure you include fresh cream made only from pasteurized milk in your pregnancy diet.

Good source of
Calcium, Protein, Sodium

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