Is it safe to have Pleurisy Root during pregnancy?

Not safe

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Can I have Pleurisy Root when pregnant?

Pleurisy Root - also known as 

Asclepias Tuberosa, Butterfly Weed, Canada Root, Chieger Flower,Chiggerflower, Fluxroot, Indian Paintbrush, Indian Posy, Orange Milkweed, Orange Root, Orange Swallow-Wort, Silky Swallow-Wort, Tuber Root, Yellow Milkweed, White-Root, Windroot, Butterfly Love, Butterflyweed, Butterfly Milkweed
Asclepias Tuberosa

Pleurisy root is traditionally used to loosen bronchial secretions and is thought to be helpful against all types of respiratory infections. You may find it as an ingredient of herbal / natural cough medication.
Pleurisy root is believed to be a uterine stimulant and some sources believe it can cause miscarriage.
Our content team is working on updating this item with more details. Meanwhile, if you are looking to consume this food item directly or as an ingredient in any supplements or foods, please check with your doctor before consuming. If you have consumed it already and worrying if you have accidentally harmed your baby, please remember that most of the natural herbs are safe when taken in moderate or small amounts. So if you are feeling fine, it is likely you are going to be ok. However, to be completely sure, it is best to consult with your doctor.


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