Is it safe to have Burger during pregnancy?

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Can I occasionally eat burger during pregnancy?

Burger - also known as 

Checks before eating
Make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked

The short answer is No. The long answer is also No. Here’s why: A burger is the bun, patty made of beef, chicken or fish and toppings like tomato ketchup, slices of pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, Mayo and mustard. And let’s not forget the cheese! What experts fear is the high calorie content in a burger with not enough nutrients for an expecting mom and her baby. This means high chances of excessive weight gain which can lead to premature delivery, difficulties in labor and birth, and an overweight baby. In addition burgers are also high in sodium and sugar content. This means increased risk of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The patty made of meat or fish can also be cause for food poisoning if it is stale or undercooked. One study also shows a link between unhealthy diet of an expecting mom and its adverse impact on the mental health of a baby.

If you still crave burger, make sure that the meat is thoroughly cooked. Opt for lean meat and lots of veggies and spices for topping to compliment the calories with nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins A, C, B1. Or better still, order a vegetarian burger. You can also make a burger at home to exercise control over the kind of ingredients used, their freshness and nutrient richness in mind. It is best to discuss food cravings with your doctor during pregnancy.


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