Is it safe to have Octopus during pregnancy?

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How can I safely eat octopus while pregnant?

Octopus - also known as 

Octopoida, Tako
Checks before eating
Cook thoroughly before eating
Limits during pregnancy
Limit intake up to two 6 ounce servings per week for all seafood/shell fish
How can I safely eat an octopus while pregnant

Octopus is safe to eat for pregnant women, provided a few necessary precautions are taken. Octopus is classified as “shell fish” and therefore, similar to other shell fish, it is important to ensure it is cooked thoroughly before eating.


As a general rule of thumb, select menu items with grilled, boiled or oven cooked sea food ingredients. Lightly cooked or raw seafood such as salads, sushi or carpaccio, are more susceptible to bacterial contamination such as listeria.

Octopus has low to medium mercury levels and therefore, safe to consume in moderation. It is advised to limit consumption of seafood to up to two servings of 6 ounces per week.


Octopus is a good source of protein as well as rich in several nutrients such as vitamin B12 and iron. These nutrients help generate healthy cells and promote proper cognitive development in your baby. They also prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida, anencephaly, etc.

Furthermore, the selenium present in an octopus maintains the metabolism of the mother.


American Pregnancy Association

Good source of
Iron, Protein, Selenium, Vitamin B12,

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