Is it safe to have Hibiscus Tea during pregnancy?

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To cut back on caffeine can I replace coffee with hibiscus tea during pregnancy?

Hibiscus Tea - also known as 

Jamaica Flower, Florida Cranberry, Red Sorrel, agua de Jamaica, sour tea, Karkade
Checks before eating
Labels for rose of Sharon or Althea. They are other names for hibiscus tea.
Limits during pregnancy
2-3 cups per day

Health enthusiasts wax poetic about Hibiscus tea not just because of its captivating crimson colour, but because it is steeped in health benefits. Made from the dried flower of the hibiscus plant, it wakes up your taste buds with its tart taste and can be had hot or cold. But what makes hibiscus tea special amongst all other herbal teas? And why should pregnant women avoid it?

Hibiscus tea boasts of the highest amounts of antioxidants amongst all herbal teas. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body and help repair cell damage. Hibiscus tea may be the heart’s true BFF. This is because it not only lowers cholesterol levels, but also regulates blood sugar levels in the body as well as controls blood pressure. Hibiscus tea also contains anti-bacterial properties, warding off infections.

However, hibiscus tea can induce uterine contractions and may lead to increased risk of a miscarriage. One study also found that drinking hibiscus tea during pregnancy may lead to maternal malnutrition and delayed puberty, high birth weight and BMI in the foetus. Therefore, please avoid drinking hibiscus tea during pregnancy. It is best to consult your doctor about herbal teas safe to consume during pregnancy.

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