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Is it safe to have Pate during pregnancy?

Why should pregnant women stay away from pate during pregnancy

Pate - also known as...

Pâté en croûte, Pâté en terrine, Pâté de foie gras, Leverworst, Pateu, Leberwurst, Braunschweiger,

Why should pregnant women stay away from pate during pregnancy?

Pate is a product that is a mixture of beef, pork, liver, ham, or chicken. It contains a high amount of liver. Liver is known to carry the listeria bacteria. During pregnancy, listeria can lead to the formation of an infection known as Listeriosis. Listeriosis can cause miscarriage, stillbirths, and premature birth. Moreover, it can even cause food poisoning in an expectant mother. The liver in Pate also has an excess of Vitamin A or retinol that can lead to birth defects in the baby. It is not recommended for pregnant women since pregnancy is a delicate time and any product that can pose harm to the mother and baby both should be avoided. However, in case you really can’t resist eating pate, you can eat substitutes like vegetarian or fish pate.

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May contain harmful elements like...
Listeria Bacteria

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