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Is it safe to have Pepperoni during pregnancy?

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Why should pregnant women eat pepperoni with caution?

Pepperoni - also known as 

Pepperoni sausage, Salami, Dry Sausage,
Checks before eating
Should be eaten only when cooked thoroughly and piping hot.
Why should pregnant women eat pepperoni with caution

Pepperoni is made from pork or beef and is a soft, smoky, and bright red colored meat. It is a spreadable meat and is generally used in pizza toppings or layered in rolls and sandwiches. A popular food, pepperoni contains a lot of fat, proteins, and a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. The protein in pepperoni aids in the development of the baby’s brain. It also contains essential minerals like zinc and manganese that boost cell formation and the immune system respectively in the pregnant mother. Managanese also increases your metabolism and aids in the nourishment of your bones.

Pepperoni is also rich in Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 enhances your immune level and protects birth defects in your baby. Pepperoni can be eaten during pregnancy but only when it is properly cured and cooked. Although it is loaded with nutritional factors, it also has certain harmful ingredients. For instance, the nitrosamines in pork pepperoni has the ability to cross the placenta and increase the risk of brain tumors in your baby. The excess of sodium present increases the level of blood pressure that can lead to kidney diseases. Moreover, the high fat and spice content can trigger diarrhea, heartburn, and obesity. Raw and undercooked pepperoni can also lead to infections like listeriosis and taxoplasmosis. That is why, it is essential to limit the consumption of pepperoni, or substitute it with healthier foods like chicken or vegetables.

Good source of
Manganese, Vitamin B12, Zinc
May contain harmful elements like...
Listeria Bacteria, Nitrates

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