Trideer Birthing Ball

Trideer Birthing Ball

Forget diamonds, a Birthing Ball can be a girl’s best friend during pregnancy and labour. It can ease back pain, relieve stress and alleviate pain in the pelvis and abdomen of an expecting mother and pave the way for a smooth labour and delivery. We recommend Trideer Birthing Ball. It’s the densest ball out there with a thickness of 2000 micrometers and can resist up to 2200 lbs. It’s made from high quality non- toxic PVC material that is BPA free and contains no heavy metals. It is designed to be anti-slip and comes with quick inflation foot pump.

Trideer Birthing Ball’s flexibility of size and the multiplicity of colours they come in endear them to new mums. They swear by the comfort it provides and recommend that every pregnant woman have one of these. And the best part, it comes in handy not just for new mum to get back in shape after delivery or use as an office chair or for watching tv to improve her posture, but is brilliant when it comes time to soothe the baby. Users also find the quick inflation foot pump a lot better and quicker in inflating the ball than a hand pump. So bid adieu to back pain during pregnancy and sail through labour and birth with Trideer Birthing Ball. 

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