Mums-to-be are turning to Dr Google for pregnancy advice


Remember the two weeks between ovulation and date of your next period that you hoped won’t come so you could take the pregnancy test.. how many times did you Google “early signs of pregnancy“? Well, it seems you are not the only one!

According to a study done by Vitbiotics, more women are turning to Google to get their pregnancy questions answered. Moved aside grandmas and mamas mamas, Google is the new granny in town. Or nanny in town?


The study was conducted on 2000 women online and it suggest that 78% look online for answers to their maternity queries from questions around weight gan, diet, supplements, shopping to tips for alleviating pregnancy symptoms.

More than half (56%) of the expectant mums polled believe they Googled more questions than they asked in ‘real life’, with 67% saying the internet was their lifeline as they felt able to ask questions they were otherwise too embarrassed to pose.

Conflicting information!

The bummer in this is that 78% also reported that they found conflicting answers from different online sources with 15% saying the answers were extremely different.


Good thing, for any pregnancy diet related questions you have a reliable source to fall back on, where all advice is science backed and written with you in mind.

Here, At we do our research before posting our articles. We want out readers to be confident with the information they get for the pregnancy diet related questions.

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