Is it safe to have Beet Leaf during pregnancy?

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Can I add beet leaves to soups or salads during pregnancy?

Beet Leaf - also known as 

Beet Greens

If you are planning to add beet leaves to your pregnancy diet, it’s the healthiest culinary decision you could have made. Beet leaves are a powerhouse of nutrients (even more than its roots) and absolutely safe to consume during pregnancy. In fact in earlier times beet greens were used in cooking and the roots were discarded, until their nutritional value was known.

Beet leaves are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin B9 as well as calcium and iron. As part of a pregnancy diet they lower the risk of anaemia, give the much required boost to immune system, detoxifies the liver, regulates blood pressure, supports healthy fetal development, minimises risk of birth defects, strengthens teeth & bones and regulates metabolism. Consuming beet greens also improves heart health, lowers high blood and prevents stroke. Beet leaves are also excellent for eye health and improve absorption of calcium in bones.

However, if you are prone to kidney stones or suffer from IBS you should avoid consuming beet leaves. Other than that, nothing can beat the nutritional value beet greens bring to the table. Consult your doctor about the benefits of beet leaves for you and your baby.

Good source of
Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A (beta-carotene), Vitamin C, and Vitamin K, vitamins

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