Is it safe to have Pumpkin Spice Latte during pregnancy?

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Can I enjoy occasional pumpkin spice latte when pregnant ?

Pumpkin Spice Latte - also known as 

PSL, Coffee
Limits during pregnancy
200mg caffeine per day or 1 grande sized mug per day

Pumpkin spice latte and other pumpkin spice flavoured beverages are sold by many cafes across the world at the beginning of fall. The most famous being the the Pumpkin Spice Latte by Starbuck or PSL as many like to call it. When it lands, it is the IT thing to have. Clearly you won’t want to miss out on it while pregnant.

As the USFDA guidance for pregnant women states that caffeine consumption is to be limited to 200mg per day, we have compared caffeine content of different PSL sizes and show you how much is ok to have in a day:

Venti (20oz) – 150mg

Grande (16oz) – 150mg

Tall (12oz) – 75mg

Short (8oz) – 75mg


Therefore, having a cup of grande or venti (which is a lot of coffee!) of your favourite PSL is ok in a day or you can break it down into two cups of smaller coffees if you prefer it that way. If you want to be caffeine free and still want to enjoy the pumpkin spice flavour you can ask for a “steamer”, meaning it is just steamed milk with pumpkin spice flavoring. Also read about caffeine consumption during pregnancy.

Source: Starbucks, USFDA

Good source of
Fat, Protein, caffeine, carbohydrates
May contain harmful elements like...

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