Is it safe to have Sausage during pregnancy?

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Why isn’t it safe to eat sausage during pregnancy?

Sausage - also known as 

Saussiche, Saussice, Merguez, Boerewors, Farmers sausage, Longaniza, Sosis, Apulia, Banger
Why isn't it safe to eat sausage during pregnancy

Sausage is made from ground meat, pork, beef, or veal, stuffed in intestinal tubes. It is a favorite food in many countries and includes several regional and national varieties of it. Although it is consumed widely, it is generally deemed to be unsafe for women during pregnancy.

This is because sausage has to be cooked with complete care till no traces of rawness is left in it. If eaten otherwise, sausage can cause toxoplasmosis, a food borne disease that can lead to serious complications for pregnant women like miscarriage, stillbirth or damage to the baby’s brain and eyes.

Sausage also contains excess of Vitamin A or retinol that can lead to birth defects in the baby. However, in case you still feel a craving for sausage cook it thoroughly till there are no traces of pink or blood left.


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