5 Guilt-free Fall Vegetables with Tasty Recipe Ideas For a Healthy Pregnancy

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Fall season is here and it brings with itself an abundance of delicious and nutritious vegetables including essential pregnancy nutrients, such as folate, iron, calcium and fiber. Sticking to seasonal produce is also an eco-friendly way of life: you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, limit pesticide exposure and take full advantage of more nutritious foods.

So here is a list of what’s in season for you to enjoy:

1. Apples

Apple picking is a fun popular activity in fall season. What’s even better is that this lust fruit is packed with good nutrients for pregnant women. Read our page on having apples during pregnancy –

So go ahead on one of those apple picking trips, or event your local supermarket and try out this hearty Beef and apple tagine recipe at home.


2. Beets

Good source of folate and iron as well as nitrates, that help blood flow and lower blood pressure – a huge bonus if you’re susceptible to hypertension during pregnancy.

Try this beetroot hummus recipe for a Middle Eastern twist to this seasonal delicacy.

Read benefits of eating beets here –


3. Brussel sprouts

Other than being the infamous yet integral part of British holidays, Brussel sprouts are also a pregnancy superfood. They are packed with benefits for pregnant women. Read more about their benefits here –

Try this simple recipe of roasted brussel sprouts for a healthy meal


4. Butternut squash

Squash family vegetables are abundant in fall. Read about the benefits of butternut squash here

It also makes a great comfort food with its creamy texture and comforting flavour. Try out this roasted butternut squash recipe for a relaxing evening supper and Netflix


5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are literally the healthier cousin of carb loaded sinful potatoes. You can swap your mash or fries with sweet potatoes to make them healthier. Being low glycemic index, they are an excellent source of carbs even for women with gestational diabetes. Read more about their benefits here

They are so healthy, that you should try not one but these 8 amazing pregnancy friendly recipes for pregnant women.

Happy eating!

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