Is it safe to have Bamboo shoots during pregnancy?

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Do bamboo shoots cause contractions during pregnancy?

Bamboo shoots - also known as 

Bamboo Sprouts, Bajchur, khorisa, tama, kalale, karil, karadi, bans, labóng, no mai, myahait, u-soi
Checks before eating
Thinly slice or cook thoroughly before eating
Do bamboo shoots cause contractions during pregnancy

Bamboo shoots are a seasonal delicacy in many parts of East and South east Asia. Young shoots of edible bamboo are often consumed during the rainy season.

Bamboo shoots are high on fibre, antioxidants, and proteins. However, in addition to the good nutrients, raw bamboo shoots also contain a natural toxin which is also found in cassava. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid eating raw bamboo shoots and ensure they are thoroughly cooked before eating. Thinly slicing the shoots also helps in leaching the toxins (Hong Kong Government Centre for food safety).


Though scientifically not proven some Indian tribes believe bamboo shoot causes abortion in pregnant women. They are often advised not to consume bamboo shoot during the first trimester of pregnancy. This theory has not been validated scientifically and likely a myth (Hindawi research paper).

Hong Kong Government Centre for food safety
Hindawi research paper

Good source of
Fiber, Folate, Potassium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6

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