Is it safe to have Mascarpone during pregnancy?

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Does Mascarpone Cheese pose the risk of Listeria?

Mascarpone - also known as 

Italian soft cheese
Checks before eating
Made from pasteurised milk cream

Mascarpone, a soft Italian mild cream cheese, is a key ingredient in the Italian dessert Tiramisu as well as in dishes like lasagna and casserole giving them their rich, creamy texture. The good news is Mascarpone is safe to eat during pregnancy. Although it is a soft cheese made by adding lemon juice or vinegar to heated cream, it is considered safe because it is not ripened with mould and most importantly it is made from pasteurised milk cream, eliminating the risk of listeria.

Eating cheese and other dairy products is never more important than during pregnancy. As an expecting mother is eating for two – nutrition wise not in terms of quantity, cheese is a good source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and other essential nutrients and minerals. Each of these nutrients plays a critical role in the development of the baby’s teeth, bones, muscles, heart, nervous system and for blood clotting.

So whether it is risotto or cheesecake recipe that you want to try, add Mascarpone cheese to it and enjoy its creamy goodness.

Good source of
Protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D

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