Kindred Non-Skid Push Socks for Maternity -“Baby You’re Worth It!”

Kindred Non-Skid Push Socks for Maternity -"Baby You're Worth It!"

Your maternity hospital bag would be incomplete without a few pairs of warm, fuzzy, non-skid socks. Kindred Bravely Labor and Delivery Inspirational Fun Non-Skid Push Socks can bring that lighter note to an intense experience. They are perfect for keeping your feet warm while you walk the halls or pace the room. They are soft, comfortable and cute and can bring that rare smile to your nurse, midwife or OB’s face. 

Veteran moms love the little lip on the back that allowed them to pull up their socks even with a huge belly. They even find it useful post-delivery to walk around the house while baby is securely sleeping in your arms. And it’s so easy to care for them, just toss them in the machine with warm setting and they come out clean. The writing on the bottom is sturdy and does not fade or unravel even after several washes. No wonder they say Kindred Bravely Labor and Delivery Inspirational Fun Non-Skid Push Socks make for the best baby shower gifts to pack in an expecting mum’s hospital bag.

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