Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Long-Sleeve Bodysuit

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Long-Sleeve Bodysuit
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Get set to drool over these adorable baby onesies from Carter. They are cute, comfortable and made from 100% cotton fabric. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Long-Sleeve Bodysuit can be effortlessly put on and off over your baby’s head, thanks to its expandable shoulders designed with convenience in mind. 

Parents love the quality, the comfort of machine wash & dry and its durability. They also love the range of colourful and cute patterns Carter offers and the fact that the bodysuits perfectly match with the pants from Carter. For some delighted parents Carter’s bodysuit makes up their little one’s entire wardrobe. There is no bunching or riding up and the baby feels super comfy in these. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Long-Sleeve Bodysuit are soft, cute, and definitely great value for your money. They also make for the perfect gift to new parents.

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