Latest Research brings Welcome News for Pregnant Women with type 2 diabetes


Sinai Health in Canada along with researchers at Western Sydney University have conducted a study called “Metformin in women with Type 2 diabetes in pregnancy” (MiTy)”.

The study included 502 pregnant women with Type 2 diabetes from 29 centers in Canada and Australia.

The findings of the study are encouraging as it points to positive pregnancy outcomes with continuing use of diabetes drug metformin through pregnancy.


Typically women with type 2 diabetes use Metformin until pregnancy but are unsure of its use once they get pregnant. However, the new study shows that women with Type 2 diabetes who take Metformin during pregnancy are more likely to see various health benefits, including requiring less insulin, gaining less weight and reducing their risk of a cesarean birth.

The next steps for the researchers is to look at the long-term effects of Metformin on infants, in the latest phase of the study referred to as “MiTy Kids.”


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