What You Need To Know About Pregnancy Food Aversions


Pregnancy food cravings is the most popular subject amongst foodie mums-to-be. But in fact, it is very common to develop sudden aversion to certain foods during pregnancy. Quite like the opposite of food cravings.

Meat, milk, spicy foods, coffee and other foods with strong smells are top candidates to develop food aversions. In most cases, the aversion is linked to strong sense of smell you develop during your pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a time when you are supposed to enjoy what you like eating and your body cravings tell you what you need. However, if you are experiencing food aversions, you might be missing out on certain important nutrients that should form of your pregnancy diet and are key for the growth of your baby.

Keep a tab on your daily intake of nutrients such as proteins, fibre, calcium and folate and try to have well balanced meals. If you believe you are not getting enough nutrition due to your food aversions, then try to find alternative food sources that will help fulfill the shortfall. For example, if you are unable to eat meat, then take other sources of protein such as fish or legumes. If milk is the problem, try other nut based milks such as almond milk or cashew milk as well as other dairy products. Your doctor will advice you on supplements if you are not getting enough nutrition from natural sources.

Check out this article on common food aversions and probable reasons why. If you are experiencing these food aversions, you are not the only one.

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