The First Years 4 in 1 Warming Comfort Tub

The First Years 4 in 1 Warming Comfort Tub
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Giving baby a bath can be one of the most challenging tasks for a new a parent. And the presence of soapy water is not helpful at all. We recommend The First Years 4 in 1 Warming Comfort Tub. It comes with a Newborn sling, baby-stopper insert and Sit-Me-Up Support that lend a ‘helping hand’ at every stage of the baby’s development to keep baby from slipping and sliding in the tub.

Many happy parents have been using The First Years 4 in 1 Warming Comfort Tub since day one of giving baby a bath and are impressed with the smooth transition the bath tub made from catering to the needs of a newborn to a toddler. It fits over any sink and has a smart hook at the top to hang it up after use, making it ideal for homes with economy of space. The soft mesh sling gently cradles newborns in just the right amount of water, giving little ones a sense of security. Highly recommended as a baby shower gift!

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