6 Foods To Eat to Induce Labour? What Moms Swear By and What Doctors Have To Say

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Remember when you first learnt that you are pregnant and were so excited that you can now eat without guilt? Pregnancy is as much about food as it is about maternity fashion and nursery decoration, especially if it is your first one. So it is natural that when you tiny bean is overdue and you want her out into the World because you are sick of waddling your way to everywhere, you turn to food to help.


Internet is full of mom stories and advice from experienced mum that swear by a particular food that kick started their labour right away. And after all it is food, so no harm in trying.

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Some common foods moms suggest to induce labour are:

Now when it comes to medical advice, there is actually no or limited medical research supporting the efficacy of any particular food item in inducing labour.

In general, many of the commonly recommended tricks, like spicy food, are known to sometimes cause stomach upset. Sometimes with GI upset, you’ll get activation of uterine cramping and/or contractions. However, those won’t lead to labor unless your body was already ready for labor.


That said, since it is food, doctors don’t worry much if you want to indulge in a maternity takeout thinking it will help kick-start your labour party.

Don’t forget to check with your doctor and read about pregnancy safe foods on before trying any old mum’s tricks.

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